slide1We are Dennis and Kim Bancroft, owners of Green Tree Pecan Company Inc. We would like to tell you about our company. My dad, Royce Bancroft began in the pecan business in 1975. He owned a full service gasoline station in the small town of Powell, TX. And began to look at the local native pecan crop, in an effort to provide a service to his customers. The first year he bought and sold a small amount of pecans, that was the start of our family pecan business.

A few years later he purchased pecan harvesting equipment, thus launching us into the pecan production business. As the retail pecan operation began to grow, my Dad bought pecan-shelling equipment so we were able to shell our own product.

In 1981 we purchased the pecan production business from my Dad, and started an orchard management enterprise, managing up to 300 acres at one time. With the combination of our production, and purchasing production from other orchards, we could easily handle over a million pounds of pecans every year. Although we are no longer in the pecan harvesting business, we work with many pecan growers in shelling and marketing their crops. Today with the upgrades in equipment and technology, we have become one of the premier gift pack shellers in Texas.

In 1999 we changed our company name to Green Tree Pecan Co., Inc., but we are still located on Hwy 31, in Powell, TX. In 2001 our daughter, Rebecca, and son, John came aboard to assist us.

If you are in the area please stop by and say hello!