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Gummi worms - 10oz

Gummi worms are always a hit with the kids


Boston baked beans - 10oz

Boston Baked Beans are a candy covered peanut that is a very nostalgic treat


Pretzels, white frosted - 8oz

These white candy coated pretzels make a wonderful snack.


Orange slices candy - 16oz

Our orange slices are a delicious old fashioned candy.


Peanuts, french burnt - 10oz

French Burnt Peanuts have a wonderful candy coating around each individual peanut, they are delicious.


Peanuts, chocolate covered - 10oz

Our Chocolate Covered Peanuts are a wonderful nutty snack.


Moonshine syrup 3" pecan pie - 4oz

Our Pecan Pies are so delicious, they are made with moonshine syrup which is a corn syrup, no alcohol involved, a classic southern dessert.