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Pecans, Sugar Roasted - 10oz

Our sugar roasted pecans are great as a snack, or on salads, they are absolutely delicious.


Pecan Divinity - 4oz

This is pure sweet creamy goodness.


Pecan Logs - 4oz

These pecan logs have a sweet creamy center covered in caramel, then rolled in pecans.


Pecan Brittle, Homemade - 6oz

Our homemade pecan brittle is just like your Grandmother used to make , absolutely delicious.


Almonds, Sugar Roasted, 10oz

Our sugar roasted almonds have a sugary, cinnamon taste, absolutely delìcious.


Peanut Brittle, Homemade 6oz

Our homemade peanut brittle is absolutely delicious.


Peanut Patties, pkg of 16, 2.5oz ea

These individualiy wrapped patties are the wonderful patties that you remember as a child , this sweet treat never goes out of style.


Peanut Pralines, 8oz

These are the same as the peanut patties, the oniy difference is they are a little miscue.


Fruit Sours, Assorted - 1lb

This candy is really great, different color balls of sweet & sour goodness.


Cherry Sours, 1lb

These red cherry balls have just the right amount of sourness.


Peanut Patty Roll of 16ct

This package of peanut patties has 16 individual 2oz patties per package


Gummi worms - 10oz

Gummi worms are always a hit with the kids


Boston baked beans - 10oz

Boston Baked Beans are a candy covered peanut that is a very nostalgic treat


Orange slices candy - 16oz

Our orange slices are a delicious old fashioned candy.


Peanuts, french burnt - 10oz

French Burnt Peanuts have a wonderful candy coating around each individual peanut, they are delicious.